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Status: Complete

Surgical instruments. Packet Instruments or a
sufficient, & then must be delivered over to you,
before the person so requiring them can be discharged.
In this you will apply to the Commanding Officer of
the District, & give your directions accordingly.

Whenever militia are in charge of an important
post, or an exposed station, captial Instruments will
then be sent them to that post or station, & not attached
to any particular body of militia, but to that post or

I would thank you to state to me quarterly what
Ports & Station are supplied by your requisitions, &
to whom such supplies have been delivered, the
particular articles of supply will not be necessary.

Most respectfully &c

Dr Ben Waterhouse
U.S Hospl Surgeon
1st Mily District
Boston M.S

Franci, Le'Baron
U.S. Apothy Genl

Paul Spear Supplies Medicine, surgical Instruments -
Furniture, Hospl furniture & Stationary.
Thomas & Greenleaf Merchants -Hospital Stores such as
Wine, Brandy, Sugar, Spices &c
Amaza Stetson - Muslin flannel -bed sacks, blankets, sheets,
Pillow cases & mugs.
N.B Every requistion for my own hospital to be counter signed
by the General; all others by myself

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