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(seq. 31)

Letter from the apothecary General, dated

Boston 6th Sept. 1814

Dear Doctor,

All requisitions handed you to be countersigned
must bare the name of the Surgeon or mate so
requiring; & that of the Commanding office of the Regt.
Post - Battallion, or Station; and in this requisition a
specific statement for what Reg. &c &c such supplies
one wanted, and for what probable period of time.
[e.g militia may be called out for 1,2, or 3 months]

I will thank you to give such direction for the medical
gentleman of the army, & militia doing duty, within the
military district wherein you act as "Medical Director"

You wil also please to instruct them to make their seperate
requisition for their supplies: The first will comprize
Medicine, Surgical Instuments, Furniture, & Hospital
furniture & Stationary.

The record will comprise Hospital Stores, such as [??], muslin, filament, for
bandages & other medical & surgical purposes,
Bed socks, Blankets, Sheets, pillow cases & things.

To these seperate & distinct requisitions, you
will address the post to Dr. Paul Spear Junr
Druggist Boston.

The Second to Messrs Thomas & Greenleaf Mrch
Boston; & the third Amaza Heston, Depy Com
Gel Boston. I shall instruct these
gentelmen sevrally to comply with your requisition,
so countersigned by you, or on the requisition
of yourself countersigned by the commanding
officer of the district.

I wish you to use to utmost economy in
the supply of all the articles conscripted in the
above provision, but particularly in that of [?]

(seq. 31)