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[flourish] {Arise, O Lord, disappoint him;
Psal: {cast him down: deliver my
17.13 {Soul from the wicked, which
[flourish] { is thy Sword. [flourish]
The Psalmist set Ye {the} Lord always before
him: and because G {God} was at his Right
Hand, he should not be moved. Ps: 16.8.
This Good Man, a Man after Gd [God] own
Heart, was from Time to Time beset,
compassed about, & greatly troubled
with Enemies; so yt {that} we see Grace
dont secure Man from Enemies; but
yn {then} entitles to ye {the} honour of G {God}. and
ye {the} most High pleads yr [their} Case, & yy {?}
yt {that} trust in him shall not be confounded.
This Psalm in wh {which} ye {the} text is, we
may observe is a Prayer of ye {the} Psal-
mist in ye {the} Day of Distress & trouble
from ye {the} hand of his Enemies; and it
was an undissembled Prayer, it did
not go out of feigned Lips. He looked
to the great G {God} to keep him as ye {the} apple
of his Eye; & to hide him under the

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