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2.Saml [Samuel]{Be of good Courage, and let us play
{the Men for our People, and for
10:12 {the Cities of our God: and the Lord
_______ {do that which seemeth him good.
In this Chapt [Chapter] we have an account of a peculiar
War David had with the Ammonites, & Assyrians;
& the Conquest he obtained over them. - The [?]
of this War was somewhat singular; Nahash, King
of the Amonites being dead; his son Hanun reigned in
his Stead. Soon upon Hanun's ariving to the Throne
David remembering some former Kindness, that
his Father Nahash had shewn him, resolves
to return the kindness to his Son. Accordingly he
sends a Number of honourable Servts [Servants] to Hanun to
console his Fathers Death, & to comfort him.
But very unhappy for Hanun, he had a number
of evil Minded Persons as his Counsellers & Ministers
of State, who falsely suggested to him that
David was not cordial, nor friendly to him in
this thing; and they suggested to his Majesty that King
David had rather sent his Servts [Servants] to search the
City, to spy it out, & to overthrow it. And having
persuaded King Hanun of this; he takes Davids
Ambassadors and treats them with the utmost
Indignity & Reproach. He shaves off the one
Half of their beards & cut off their Garments to their
Buttocks & sent them away. - This Conduct
of Hanun made the Amonites stink in the Sight
of David; whence we may see how very unhappy
it is for a King to have evil Counsellors, and
how wretched it soon makes him & his people

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