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own mind, or is beneficial to us and the
children. When Lucy Pierce can bear it, she reads to
her. Every day she has her regular hours for in-
structing the children, and superintending their
work. In the evenings, when Polly has leisure
to sit and work, she reads to her in the nursery.
It is indeed one of the greatest comforts to
Lucy Pierce in her confinement to have a sister here,
who is so affectionate, attentive, and helpful.
She often remarks, that there is not one girl
in a thousand, who would so completely se-
clude herself from the world for the benefit
of a sister's family. Lewis has been very so-
licitous to allure her into Boston, not only to
see him more frequently, bu to ride with him
in the circus. But she prefers doing good to
following amusement, even when it would grati-
fy a darling brother. The only relaxation, which
she allows herself, is to go into Boston on Thursdays
with me, and carry one of the children. Last
thursday, or the thursday before last, we carried
Abigail, and she walked from the sign of


the Lion down to John's, and was very happy
through the day. Yesterday Madam Partidge
sent a message by her niece to have our two
youngest children, meaning the two youngest
but one, come and spend the day with her.
We sent them; and they accordingly spent the
whole day there very happily among entire
strangers, though we sent Joshua once or twice
to see how they behaved, who brought back word,
that they were very contented.

I write, as you see, in great
[haste]; for I have had much to do to prepare
[the] records of the Bible Society, who [are to]
meet this afternoon to organize, choose [?].

Elizabeth Pierce has doubtless informed you,
that Lucy Pierce is in good spirits, trusting to Provi-
dence, and patiently waiting a happy issue
from all her afflictions. We are sensible, that
mother's services will be so much wanted with
our good sister Rebecca, that we cannot indulge
the hope of seeing her soon. But Lucy Pierce wishes to have
her mother easy on that score, as she says, that
Elizabeth Pierce has been more useful to her, than mother
could have been. With love to mother, brothers &
sisters, aunt & cousins, we remain ever your's

J&L Pierce.

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