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Thursday, 9 Aug. heard brother Tuckerman at Thursday Lecture on the love of enemies. Returned to dine, and catechised 60 childre. Out usual party took tea at Mr Ackers's.
Friday, 10 Aug. "peaceful and alone."
Saturday, 11 Aug. I dined at Capt. Babcock's with Gov. Gore and Lady and other persobs of distinction.
Lord's day, 12 Aug. Exchanged with brother Bradford. Lewis spent the day and night.
Monday, 12 Aug. I went with our Dorchester party to the member of 110 to Deer island. Lucy did not go, on account of her child; and well she did not; for though we had a fine day, there was little or no wind in the evening. This made the company very late home. Some of them could not return, till 3 in the morning. I employed a man, as we were passing the Castle, to vet me on shore at Dorchester point, formerly so called. I then had to walk 4 miles to my horse, and ride 5 miles to yet home. I arrived at Brookline at 11 in the evening.
Tuesday, 14, Aug. No engagement.
Wednesday, 15 Aug. As I went an the water party without Lucy, she, this day, went to Nahant without me. Mrs Walley carried her in Spurr's carriage with her whole family. I resolved not to go, as I had devoted one day, this week, to amusement.
Thursday, 16 Aug. brother Fiske of West. Cambridge preached for brother Brickminster on sanctifying "the Lord God in our hearts" &c.
Friday, 17 Aug. We took tea at brother Porter's with some of out Brookline friends and other company.
Saturday, 18, Aug. we dined at Gen. Gardner's upon roast pig.
Lord's day, 19 Aug. I preached at home. At noon, Lewis came out and spent the night, not however till he had spent one of the most rainy evenings I ever knew with "the lass of Richmond hill."
Tuesday, 21 Aug. I spent the day at Milton with the Trustees of that Academy.
Wednesday, 22 Aug. at 4 o'clock PM, Lucy, Feroline, and myself started with brother John, his wife, and son John for Providence. We spent the night at Colley's in Walpole, 20 miles from Boston. We had a disturbed night by reason of the early stage, + company.
Thursday, 23 Aug. a charming day. were passing Pawtucket falls, we went into cotton factory, and were highly entertained. At noon we arrived at Ammidan's in Providence; and our friends found, that the packet was then waiting for them. Immediately after dinner they went aboard, Sarah discovering considerable emotions, as she had never stepped from Terra firma before. We had a very tumultuous night. The house was crowded with Spaniards, gentleman and ladies from the southward with their children and slaves, besides the usual company.
Friday, 24 Aug. we rode 5 miles, and took a peaceable breakfast at Rehoboth, and at sunset we arrived home after a very delightful excersion.
Sat. 25 Aug. I dined at J. C. A's.
Lord's day, 26 Aug. exchanged with b'r Buckminster to the very great satisfaction of our gentry &c.
Monday, 27 Aug. Pres. Sanders + [son?], from Vermont dined. PM I attended a fun. in Dorchester; & we took tea at wid. Craft's, Roxbury. Bishop Wright of Medway, {the} night. Farewell.

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