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by Mr Parkman. I dined at his table with an immense multitude from all parts of the United States. A considerable member of guests were from the Southern States.
The day after Commencement, Lucy rose in Spurr's carriage with the Dr's family! I carried Miss Stebbins. Mr Allen vastly exceeded all our expectations. Mr Allston, I presume, did well; but I could not hear him. His attitude and gestures were in the very highest style of excellence.
Saturday after Cam. Rev. Mr Dickerson of Walpole, N. H. spent [ye?] day with us. Poor man, he is still in persuit of a wife. He came near, it is said, finding one to his mind. But observing, on more particular aquaintance, that she had a crooked finger, this led him to reject her, as imperfect.
7 Sep. B'r John + wife spent the day with us, on their return from New York, and took home Salisbury, who had been with us during their absence.
10 Sep. the Rev. Mr Fiske of Wrentham called on us, and spent the night. The elegance of his chaise and horse, as well as his own handsome appearance made me suspect, knowing him to be a widower, that he was on the chace. Accordingly, after Lucy had retired, finding him very modest, I began to make inquiries about his solitary condition Vc. and he quick have me to understand, that he wished to change his condition, and, what is more, that he wished for the good offices of Lucy and myself. As good luck would have it, I was engaged to go with Capt. Babcock by sunrise, the next morning, to Framingham. The task therefore devalued on Lucy, by far the most suitable person, to accompany him to Miss A. Crafts, the lady, whom he wished to see.
There I will leave him, and inform you, with Abigail and Feraline. On the 19th. I went to Wrentham Academy Exhibition; and of all the parades of the kind, this was the greatest, which I ever witnessed. The meeting house full; stage and curtains round the pulpit; printed hand bills of the performances; plays acted; all the officers of Providence College, but the President, present; band of musick consisting of 13 in uniform; an excort of [torn] hone company; an organ in the house, [torn] fits of straw, Vc. Vc. Vc. You must know [torn] this is the town, where straw braiding commenced; and it has now become an immense article of commerce. The ladies dress beyond what I have ever seen. Their bonnets, as you may well suppose, were of the very first order. We returned home, thursday afternoon.
Saturday, 25 Sep. Aunt David Tappan with her son Benj. came to pay us a visit. Benj is just approbated; He preached the first sunday in Dr Dana's pulpit. Last sabbath, [Ah?] for Dr Holmes; Ph for Mr Channing. He is to preach for me, the Jan. vacation. They tarried with us, till wednesday morning. We really had a charming visit. Aunt is not robust; but in a very cheerful frame. I believe her a fine woman.
What shall I say, but commission you to distribute among our friends more love, then I have room to express, and take a due share yourself from J.P.
[Down center of page] P. S. Pres. Overflow[torn]t, overflowed; part overflowed, not overflown.

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