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No. 56 Brookline, 14 November, 1810.

Dear Sir,
Your forever of the 10th instant was indeed acceptable, as it served to dissipate the fears, which I had begun to entertain, that our correspondence, on your part, was closed. For it was precisely six months between your last letters, since which I have written you no less than five.
We sincerely condole with you, my dear sir, on the late lass, which you have sustained. From the circumstances, which you have detailed, your late sister must have been peculiarly dear to you. We rejoice to find that the same principles, which are your joy in prosperity praise your consolation in this time of trouble. We devantly hope, that they will continue to support you, till you arrive at that state, where these disciplinary dispensations will cease.
Since I wrote last, the Rev. Samuel Clark of Burlington has been here with his new wife. She is really a discreet and prudent woman. I hope, she will be enabled to restrain his frivality, and to make him more sedate and prudent.
What will Eliza think, when I inform her, that our Nancy White is about to marry Dr Goddard of Portsmouth with 11 children? Her mother will probably follow, if not accompany her. They will be really a great loss to us.

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