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September Ill.
Coreopsis trichosperma ✓ =Bidens trichosperma Michx. no. part of Chicago,
[ see above] var. tenuiloba (Gray) Britton Sept. Lake View
Euphorbia corollata a few miles so. of Chicago
[see above] ✓ by the R.R. Ashtabla, Ohio X Sept. Chicago
{Euphorbia} hypericifolia ↖ this is Eu. maculata recorded above X a few miles so. of
__ Chicago
Epilobium coloratum Southboro Mass.
Gnaphalium polycephalum v. Ang. ✓ old field. Sept. " "
(Amphicarpaea monoica ✓ Sept. " "
(Cerastium vulgatum L. ✓ Charles Deanes lawn. Sparks St. Oct. Cambridge "

November Mass.
Senecio vulgaris ✓ Nov. 12 {N. Concord St. {Boston

1882. April ---
Cupressus thyoides Westboro Mass.
Equisetum arvense Southboro "
Hepatica triloba Needham "
Lindera benzoin Waverly "
Equisetum hyemale " "
Chrysosplenium americanum " "

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