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Sept. 1882

Lythrum alatum Pullman, Ill.
Physostegia virginiana "
Rudbeckia laciniata "
Solidago rigida "
Potentilla anserina Chicago, Ill.
Polygonum aviculare .
var. erectum "
Echinospermum lappula Toronto, Ontario
Parnassia caroliniana Clifton "
-- near the foot of Niagra Falls
Shepherdia canadensis Niagra Falls
-- N.Y. on the 3rd Sister Isl.
Acalypha virginica Cambridge, Mass.
Nabalus racemosus Lake View, Ill.
Lactuca scariola "
Amarantus {Amaranthus} paniculata "
Aster tradescantii {tradescantii} Cambridge, Mass.
" cordifolius "
Centaurea nigra W. Somerville, "
Oct. 1882
Celtis occidentalis Cambridge Mass

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