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in California and was expected back in
a week or two -- he is sure to let me
have it for $10. Mr Genereau has
given me his word of honor that
he will listen to no one else but
me and all I have to do is have Dr. Neudstedt
Chief Consulting Pyschiatrist for the
whole V.A. sign the papers or even
Dr. O'Leary who must have read
my case historyas I gave him me my
C number and asked him to please
read my diagnosis. His change
of attitude and treatment was so
differnet this last time. Remember
how before Christmas he advised
you to get rid of me.
You told me that when this
was all over back at the time
of my divorce-- I would be a
far greater woman for having
gone through the experience. I am.
We v grandmothers, have lost our
daughters by in each case trad a tragic
death and have 3 wonderful grandsons.

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