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New Rochelle, 8 mo. 10, 1839
Seventh day morning

Dear A.M.

Your truly welcome communication was re-
ceived yesterday morning, after a tedious journey of three days.
I regret to hear that the people of Battenville
are possessed of so little sound sense, as to go 20 miles to
shake hands with the President, merely to look at a hu-
man being, one who is possessed of nothing more than ordi-
nary men & therefore should not be worshiped any more
than any other mortal being, not even so much as many of
those in the humbler walks of life, who are devoted to their
God. Let us look at his behaviour and scan its effect
on society. I noticed in one paper, an account of the
time he spent in New York. One day was spent in riding
through the streets of the City, preceded by an extrav-
agant number of military men and musicians, all
of whom were kept in exercise on that, and the suc-
ceeding days of the week, till many were completely exhaus-
ted and obliged to retire from the scene. And on the 4.
while, he and his [ ] were revelling in their tents
on luxuries and the all debasing Wine. Many of those
dear children were crying for food to satisfy
the calls of hunger & water to allay their thirst, but in vain
were their cries, for they were unheeded. On Friday evening he
attended Park Theatre and on Monday Bowery Theatre.
Yes! he who is called by the majority, the most capa-
ble of ruling this Republic, may be seen in the thea-
tre, encouraging one of the most heinous crimes, or
practices, with which our country is disgraced, and the too

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