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I presume "Gula" will give you the particulars
more in detail and probably some advice from
Head Quarters as to what course you had better
take in view of all these things. So I will
say no more about it. The ladies at Mr
Carters today making active preparations for
the fair They have prized and marked their
articles and they amount to $180. They have
marked them at a very low rate too. The
fact is they have a most splendid assortment
and what could not be bought at any fancy
store in New York for less than $300.
I shall have a minutes time to write in the morning
when I shall endaevor to make some additions if
any thing else should occur. I may yet see
a letter from your folks for you.

Thursday morning. The only thing of importance since last evening is the
arrival Queen Victoria. She stops at Elijah Hyatts. A President
also arrived in town on Sunday evening last. he puts up at [Lew?] Greens
the above is the only important news of the day etcetera
On Monday next is going to be [training?] as Whites also
at [?] and I have heard it Anthonys "Center Falls House"
Maria is in Argyle yet intends a week or two
longer. I have Recieved no letter from you since week
last Saturday. Are you rendering Evil for Evil that you
don't write. or what is the matter, you ought to write you
know . Whether we do or not. I presume I shall recieve
one this morning. Nothing more to day
Thine truly. AMM Lean

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Batten ville NY
August 29th

A.M.M. Lean P.M

Miss Susan B Anthony
New Rochelle

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