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New Rochelle, 8 mo 28 1839
Fourth day morning

Esteemed Aaron,
Your letter of the 22nd was recei-
ved yesterday morning. Yes, Aaron I had begun to
feel quite uneasy about not receiving a letter. You
spoke of your preference to a northern tour. &
I think were I going to accompany you I should
much, very much, such an excursion, as
the scenery will be new and interesting; while
if you come to New York, it is all the same old
thing that you have seen over and over. And as
respects my being in Rochelle do not let that influence
you in the least, for my seeing you will be but a mo-
mentary gratification and the pain of parting
with you greater than the pleasure of enjoying
your society for so short a time. And another con-
sideration is, that the time for my returning home
is now so near that I do not think best for you
to deny yourselves the many pleasures which you can
nt help enjoying in an excursion to Champlain & Canada.
Therefore you see I should address your travelling
north still, I leave you to decide for yourselves,
with a request that you inform me of your conclusions,
and if you should determine to go north, that you write
to me often and give me a description of the most interes-
ting parts of your journey. I think G. will conclude
to abide by your judgement, when she thinks back to
Philadelphia, and again feels the pain of parting
with Father and with you. Another proposition I
would make, that is, that you come to New York and
accompany home about the middle of Oct. by way
of Curtisville and Adams, if you feel so disposed
at that time, as I think if Grandmother A. should live
until that time I should feel best to go and see her.

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