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During the three weeks fol-
lowing the National Woman's
Rights Convention
held at
Cleveland, Oct. 5, 6 & 7th 1853, I
travelled through the Southern
tier of Counties in N. Y. State,
& held meetings in some eight
or ten different villages. I talked
upon the subject of Temperance.

One year previous to this
Miss Emily Clark of Le Roy, N. Y.
had passed over the same
ground, Lecturing upon the
same subject, & had aided the
Ladies of several of the villages
in forming Women's Temperance
Societies. In every place, except
Elmira, those societies had
never existed after
the evening
of their beginning. The reason
given, by very nearly all the
ladies with whom I conversed,
for the failure of their societies,
was Woman's want of time &
money to meet their demands.

Their Temperance meetings
could be made interesting &

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