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20 Went to the Capitol, heard
short speeches from Senators Butler of
D.C. & Mason of Va. Butler the grossest
most beastly kind of looking man.

[Washington D. C.]


March 21

Called on Mrs. Melvin
a friend of Mrs. Rose, a
member of the M.E. Church
, we talked on the
Slavery question, she called
the relation between Master &
slave, a Patriarchial one, said
Slavery is a humane institution.
My blood chilled in my
veins at the thought of a
professed Christian, thus
so entirely losing sight of the
great principle of love, the
Golden Rule _

Called at Gerritt Smith's about
two o'clock, Mrs. Smith alone,
had a very pleasant chat with
her, on the right of every in-
dividual to his own belief.

To day the Nebraska Bill
in the House was referred
to the Com. on the whole by
a vote of 110 to 65 thought to be
virtually death to the Bill.

Miss Miner of the Colorado Girls
called on us after dinner
a very interesing enthusiastic nature,
expressed herself interested in
the Women's Rights question,

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