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Grindstone Neck, Winter Harbor, Me.

July 23 & 24

Species of birds observed on July 23 & 24, not observed
when I was here in 1899 – Observed by me –
Circus hudsonius [July] 23, 1 [in flight] a little beyond [Neuler?] Harbor, east
Dryobates pubescens [July] 23, 1 near the house.
Empidonax traillii aliiorum [July] 23, 1 [in full song] near the house, also at some time saw one just east of house, feeding & peping; [July] 24, 1 [in full song]
Pipilo erythrophthalamus [July] 24, 1 calling, near the house
Clivicola riparia [July] 23, 25 on drive to Sand's. east
Dendroica coronata [July] 24 ad [adult] feeding young in Red Spruce on the place near my window.
6 species

These with the birds observed July 13–19, 1901.
make 41 species. Of these all were ob-
served directly on the Neck or adjacent water
except four. Actitis macularius, Circus hudsonius
Loxia leucoptera & Clivicola riparia.

These and the list of 1899 were written
out for my talk on July 25, 1901. I had
the book before me, but did not really
use it.

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Diane Rielinger

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