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East Lexington, Mass.

Sept. 26

Clear, bright sunny day cool and pleasant.
An ideal day –

This afternoon Mr. Sam Henshaw, William
Brewster & I went by electric to East Lexington
to hear and see the Mole Cricket that Dr.
Walter Faxon had lately secured on the moist
land by the Great Meadows. After walking about
for some time we heard four and located
two of them within a few feet but we did
not suceed in getting any. The sound is a
raucous rhymical beat, superficially like that
of the Tree Cricket, Oecanthus niveus but of
harsher tone.


We saw a number of birds :–

Black Duck 1 [in flight] Rusty Blkbird [Blackbird] 6 [in a flock] [in flight]
Blue-winged Teal 1 [in flight] & dropping into the swamp Swamp Sparrow several chirping in the cat tails
Virginia Rail 1 running from one patch of cat tail to another Song Sparrow 2 or 3
Wilson's Snipe 1 [in flight] [in full song] Cedar birds 12 [in a flock]
Osprey 1 [in flight] Yellow rumped W. [Warbler] 1
Quail 1 autumnal call Black-poll W. [Warbler] 25
Flicker 2 [in flight] Maryland Yellow Throat 2 ♀ [female] ♀ [female]
Swift 4 [in a flock] in flight for several minutes Robin about 7- [700] or 800
Kingfisher 1 [in flight] [in full song] Bluebird hd. [heard]
Between 5 & 6 P.M we saw from 600-700 Robins fly
[?] in flocks from 6 to 50 in number, toward some
woods to the N.W. where is doubtless a large roost. They flew
at first very high, then at last very low.

600 or 700
Robins [in flight]
to a roost.

I brought home some Black Crickets (Gryllus pennsylvanicus)
and have been watching them chirp. They elevate the wing covers
about 45° and then rub them together horizontally. The


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