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On Oct. 13th the Garden Club met with
Mrs. White as hostess. After roll call the
minutes were read and approved.
The report of the program Com. was accepted.
Notice was given of a suggested change in
by-laws to be made a [month] from this date.
The resignation of Mrs. Ragan was accepted
with regret. The Sec. was instructed to write
her a note expressing same, and inviting
her to attend whenever possible.

The 2 delegates who are to attend meeting
in Winston for discussion of Federation are
to act according to their own judgment
about joining same.

There being 3 vacancies in our membership
names for new members are to be presented
to Ex. Com. before next meeting. These names
will be voted on at the next meeting.

The nominating Com. to submit names for
officers for coming year as follows:
Mrs. Calwell, Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Harmon, & Mrs. Siceloff

The Club adjourned to meet Nov. 3rd with Mrs.

Mrs. King Pres
E. Clayton, Sec.

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