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Ethel Walker

Ethel Walker was the kindest woman I
ever knew. I would love to be able to
talk to her today. I only knew my "Ma"
until I was in the 5th grade. However,
my fondest memories with her were
staying at her house where she would
rock me and sing to me. I'm sure by
most people's standards I was rocked
to long but I'm so glad she did bc [because]
I still remember that chair in front of
the floor tv. I can still tell you
where everything was in that house.
My ma was the best story teller. I
could sit and hear her tell the same
story over and over. I loved when we
would go eat at Wong's in Greensboro.
It was her favorite. Ma loved with her
whole heart and prayed for me
multiple times a day. She loved the Lord
and loved her family. She will always
be missed.

Her Granddaughter,

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