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Ginger Holt

1) I remember going to "John's" grocery store.
I would eat my candy before I got back
to my mawmaw's house.

2) April DeHart (Opal Yarborough DeHart's
daughter) was one of my best friends.
We would spend the night together
at our grandparent's homes.

3) One year, we sold lemonade and
pound cake, when the mill would let
out at 3pm. We made a good amount
of money!

4) One night when I was spending the
night with Mawmaw (Larcie) and Harvie,
which I did a whole lot! [smiley face] Harvie came
in late at night and got sick and fell
down in the kitchen. I got out of the
bed and I asked him if he was alright.
And Harvie said "NO! I'm sick!"
I flipped the kitchen light on and I said
"And you're naked too!" Harvie said to throw
him a towel to cover up with!

5) Mawmaw (Larcie) had asked Harvie and
Keith, my brother (Keith Wright) to pick
weeds out of the garden. They were not
doing it fast enough for her. And they
found her out in the garden without

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