Letter from Walter McMillan to Samuel McMillan, May 5, 1926

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New Port, Tenn., May 5, 1926.

Elder, Samuel McMillan, High Point, N.C.

Dear Father:

Yours of April 30 to hand in reply to mine of April 27, inwhich I asked you to forgive me for any wrong which I have done you in word or deed. In this you reply, I notice you say, I am forgiving you all malice and am in totle [total] fellowship, only in the disorder. (Please-answer request in last letter) Then on page three you say, if I want to live to write you a personal letter and you will read it to your churches. Now Father, if I have not [written] you a personal letter and if I have not asked and begged forgiveness for all wrongs done you or the Brethren, then I don't know how. Father, I have done this repeatedly; if you want to show my letter to the Brethren or read it to your churches, God knows, I have no objections. Father, God knows the letter of April 27, was from the heart or else I am deceived, and yet your answer that you can only forgive me for all malice and that we are in fellowship only the disorder-Father, what kind of forgiveness is this, can you tell me? Have you forgiven me for every wrong done you, or for just a part? What more can I say-how much longer do you want me to beg you, is there somethng else you want me to say? (Please answer)

Do you want me to say that I don't endorse the doctrin that J. R. Wilson preaches? If so I can't say that. Can You? (Please answer) Do you want me to say I believe what Hardy and Wyett preach? If so, I can't do it. Can you? (Please answer) Father, don't you think Wilson did wrong when he abruptly broke off up there at first? Don't you think he did right when he came back and made his acknowledgements? Don't you rthink the Church would have done right in forgiving him? If not, why not? (Please answer)

Now Father, you told me in your last letter that I have not deviated from the Old Baptist doctrine. Now, Father, if that is from the heart and you have the Grace of God in your Soul and a forgiving spirit, please forgive me for all wrongs done you.

Yours for peace and fellowship, Walter C. McMillan

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