Deceased Veterans GAB-GIE



Once you sign up for an account, a new Transcribe tab will appear above each page.

You can create or edit transcriptions by modifying the text entry field and saving. Each modification is stored as a separate version of the page, so that it should be easy to revert to older versions if necessary.

Registered users can also add notes to pages to comment on difficult words, suggest readings, or discuss the texts.

Transcription Conventions

  • Needs Review: Many of the cards are extremely difficult to read. Mark the card as "Needs Review" if you aren't sure. We can cross-reference the cards with other records, including the national World War II enlistment cards available on FamilySearch. Keep in mind that they are arranged alphabetically by the applicant's last name. The veteran often has the same last name as the applicant, but not always.
  • Names: The last name and first name should be transcribed in separate fields. If a middle name or initial is given, it can follow the first name in the same field
  • Applicant's City and State of Residence: Please write out the state.
  • Bonus Number: The bonus number is six digits long and is located at the top right of the card. Do not include spaces or hyphens.
  • Serial Number: The serial number is seven to eight digits long and is located at the bottom right of the card. Do not include spaces or hyphens.
  • Blanks: If any information is not available on the card, leave the field blank.