Last Name: Weaver

First Name: Albert

Middle Name: G

Army Serial Number: 1564218

Race: Caucasian

Branch: Army or Marines

Town or City of Residence: Edinburgh

County of Residence: Johnson

Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Indiana

Date of Birth:

Age: 22 1/12

Is this card a reverse side? (Indicated by "-B"): no

Notes and Questions

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Kathleen Smith

Card reads town of residence and birth as Edinburg, but I think correct spelling s/b Edinburgh and typed it that way.


Sorry Kathleen, I switched it to the original spelling. I'll put it back to the way you have it. Usually in indexing they ask you to spell exactly as seen. Maybe someone else should decide.

Indiana Archives

Hello Kathleen and Regine! Additional records show that this soldier's place of residence and birth was Edinburgh. The transcription has been updated accordingly. -MH