IN WWI Service Record Cards Army and Marine GOT-GRA



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  • If any of the following information is omitted from the card, leave the field blank.
  • Last Name: Labeled Surname on the card. Do not include comma or periods after the name.
  • First Name: Labeled Christian name on the card. Do not include comma or periods after the name.
  • Middle Name: Often just an initial directly after the first name. Do not include comma or periods after the name.
  • Army Serial Number: Type the numbers only. Do not include any punctuation.
  • Race: Choose Caucasian (indicated by White on the card) or African-American (indicated by Colored) from the drop down menu. Occasionally the race is typed; sometimes it is indicated by crossing out the incorrect race. For example, if “Colored” is crossed out with a line or typed line of Xs, the race is Caucasian. If on race is given, select "Not Given."
  • Branch: Choose Army and Marines, Navy or Coast Guard from the drop-down list. The two sets of cards (Army and Marine is one set and Navy and Coast Guard are one set) were scanned separately. Any Navy or Coast Guard cards will have the word Navy in the file name and work title. Most cards in this set are Navy cards. To differentiate between Navy and Coast Guard, look for the word Coast Guard or USCG listed on the card. Cards that say U.S.N or U.S.N.R.F are Navy cards.
  • Town or City of Residence: Do not include the street address. This may be different than the place of birth, which is found later on the card.
  • County of Residence: This immediately follows the town of city of residence. It is often blank.
  • Place of Birth: This may be different than the residence. Do include commas between City and State or City and Country. Please spell out the state of residence, if known.
  • Date of Birth: Use format MM/DD/YYYY. Most cards will either list the date of birth or age, not both.
  • Age: Type the age exactly as it appears, including fractions. This field should be numbers only; do not include years, yrs, etc. Ex: 22 4/12
  • Is this card a reverse side? Some cards have two images: the front side and the reverse side. The front side is indicated with a file name (and page title) ending with -A. The back is indicated by a page title ending with -B. The back of the cards were not scanned if they were blank, so many cards will only have a -A page. For example, soldier Earl Ainsworth has two scanned images: the front of his card, WWI0000712-A, and the back of his card, WWI0000712-B. There are no fields to transcribe on the second image, but please indicate that it is a reverse side by choosing the option "Yes." Please Note: You are being asked to indicate, "yes, this image IS a reverse side," not "yes, this image HAS a reverse side." All page titles ending -A should say "No" and all page titles ending -B should say "Yes."