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back to bed where she kept on praying till morning. She thought it
best not to alarm the, others, assuming, it may be supposed, that
a second stray bullet would not come the same way. What will be-
come of our poor country now? By the time you get this matters
may have settled down, but many fear disaffection among the Irish
regiments. God grant peace may be restored soon, It is not easy
to say, "Thanks be to God" for such troubles. The worst part for us
out here was to be in suspense concerning the three houses in Dub-
, all of which were in great danger, but all Ours kept up their
courage wonderfully, and kept at the back of the houses to avoid
bullets. Not a pane of glass was broken in one, and only one page
in each of the other houses. The house on the north side had not
enough to eat for a short time.

Hoping you may get more vocations as time goes on, and
that the new members may be the making of saints.

I remain, dear Father,
Yours very gratefully in J.C.
Mary Michael, IBVM.

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