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go again. She seemed a most engaging
lady. But then she is your cousin.
She COMPREHOOD who I was by my
photographeme which you strangely
said was not like me.

I am going to Wales, Maentwrog,
Merionethshire, on the 1st of Aug-
ust I think, not the Lakes. If
you hear nothing to the contrary
direct to Miss Roberts, Pen-y-lan,
Maentenrog, Merionethshire, North
Wales, after that day. I am adscrib-
ed third into Alfred Erskine and

Since writing the above I have been
invited by the Marshalls, but un-
happily the Cunliffes cannot come.
I am therefore to call, as before,
which shall be today.

I went yesterday to the Junior Water
Colours and the British Institution

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(Old Masters.) The latter were charm-
ing. I had a silent gush before a
Gainsborough; 'an' 'opipiatwv ebtaza
mnyas of admiration. There was a
portrait for a handsome young gentle-
man by Leonardo (it is most know-
ing of all to write it Lionardo), a
Baptism of Our Lord by Luini,
exquisite grace refined almost into
effeminacy. There were numbers of Gains-
boroughs, Sir Joshuas and Romneys.
Romney is like them. Five Nelas-
quezes, a Murillo, a Gurbaran,
many Canalettos, which I have now
unbared; you cannot deceive your-
self with you see "the Rotunda,
Ranelagh" or Westminster Bridge
whatever you may do in Venetian
pictures. But I have invented a
Canaletto with genius. His name
is Guardi. If you see any of his

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