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G.M Hopkins
Jan. 7/65

Dear Baillie,

Thanks for your kind congratulation. I thought I would not
rite back my thanks [thoughts crossed out] at once, but
wait and make a letter of it when
I had something to say, which in-
deed was a vain thought for I have
no more to say now than then. I have
had many letters of congratulation,
and have fallen into that state
which comes when you have thought
or heard a great deal about some-
thing that has happened to you --
that you have to make an effort to
think what the original cause of
all the consequences was. With a
fal la la la la. Geldart's [sp?] case was
ghastly, but the Moderators were
ten hours deliberating on him, so

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Top part appears to be written over other print, along with a drawing, dated Jan 5. 1865.