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The Oratory, Birmingham
June 15/59

My dear Dr Hayden,

I shall be glad to do all
in my power to forward a scheme of a
medical lodging house, and am glad you
have reminded me of it. A year ago, I
would, have on my own responsibility, have
engaged in it, but Dr Cullen is, I think,
rather anxious lest more money should be
spent than is included in the ordinary
estimate for the year. I dare say, he
{in a second hand in pencil: "WCD L 2"}

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Unsure whether the date is 1859 or 1857. Have kept the original transcription as is but changed markup to link it to date of 1859.


Have come back and have checked the "description" of the letter where the date is given as 1859 by the project owner.