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fourth chair, which you are so
competent to fill? and which is
worth your acceptance £250 per
annum. We Americans have paid
for it, and we ought to have a voice in appointing
a qualified person: at last one
acquainted with grammar and
critical [philo??ogy], not a mere
[transcriber?] who is totally un-
acquainted with the Common
technicalities of language, or with
anything like classical learning.

I would advise you
to call on Dr Newman, at
your earliest convenience and
explain to him the kind of learning
the man possesses whom he is
about to appoint to this dis-
tinguished chair: and show

[right page]
how much more qualified
you yourself are than that
uneducated person, who is a
mere peasant.

As I have taken immense
trouble about collecting funds
for this Catholic institution
I have taken the liberty to
address a few lines to
Dr McHale on the
subject and [scrutiny?] his
attention to your claim.

You are an alumniu of
St Jarlath's College and
the best Irish critical
in existence.

I shall take the liberty
of waiting on you when

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