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Box 5
North Bay,

Dear [Fr] Purcell.
I am sorry I did
not see you before I left Dublin
but I called at the school three times
only to find you out. I am [fixed up]
here. (36 hours West of St John's) in a small
town 9.000 pop - junction of two Railway
systems, and centre for the Mining

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districts of Cobalt and Porcupine.

I have an appt in C.P.R under
Eng.r [?] of District No 1 of Lake Superior Div.n
and am doing office work at present but will
go on survey party in a few weeks time and
be out all summer - Living in a sleeping [Car].

The "Track" of C.P.R. would astonish you. The
best that can be said for it is that it resembles
the curates egg. I was out surveying on Tuesday
and found a fishplate with every bolt loose.
The [Sharpen screw] was [?] held together by the
ballast. And in cuves of Sidings rails seem
always put on in straight lengths. I hope I
don't frighten you off coming here this summer. -
Not withstanding all these facts, 60 miles is not

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