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uncommon. My hours at present are
8.30 to 6. with one hour for lunch. We work
full day on Sat. - Worked Good Friday &
I am leaving here with Pat Gorman (Italian!)
on the night of Easter Sunday to get on
measuring up a bridge 70 miles out on Easter Monday.

Will you give Gaffney freres my
regards. If they are thinking of Canada I
will be glad to give any information I can.

There is one fact about Canada - it is
not a house of Rest.

There is some difference in Railway work
here - Curves are calculated by the number of
degrees subtended by 100.0 chord - i.e. 1 degree curve is one
of which 100' Chord subtends 1 degree. There is no signal arrangement
or interlocking and the cross-over roads are [cut] different to ours
at home.

I hope I will be able to see you if
you come to Canada - North Bay is my headquarters - a new
town where we have to call to P.O. for our "mail". I would
like to hear if you are coming. I probably could see you if
I have time. I struck an old Mary's fellow in Montreal
where I stayed 3 weeks. - Frank Lahiff - the steady fellow.
I have a note from him today - He is going Winnipeg.

With [] regard
Yours sincerely,
Roderic Fenner

I am very well satisfied with my job. I have the equivalent of
160 pounds per annum & good prospects.

{Stamp} University College Dublin Library.

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