Letter from Roger Casement (The Savoy, Denham) to [Robert] Donovan, discussing redistribution and Ireland; Ulster Unionist representation; the optimism of Redmond and Dillon; Irish representatives and the English Education Act; and the Liberals.

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The Savoy, Denham 20 Sept 1905

Dear Mr Donovan,

Thanks for your letter, I am glad the article is appearing in "Freeman" allright.

Enclosed is the Extract from Herbert Samuel's book dealing with Retribution and Ireland - you will see the ..... it - especially when Mr Harry Perth

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(the friend & admirer of Rorsbury Asquith & Co.) says, as he said the other day that the overrepresentation by Ireland must cease.

Cannot "Freeman" quote Mr Samuel's reference, noting the terms by Mr Asquith's approving [?] preface - and so help to ... the Liberal party to their published "convictions"?

I gather that a move will be made - I tell you this in confidence - to

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induce "CB" to approach Redmond to obtain from latter some public statement to show that the Nationalists will accept an increase of Ulster Unionist representation at the Expense of Nationalist seats. If Redmond makes some such pronouncement and would help "CB" - who is honest, I believe, in his with to return to Ireland.

But I fear Redmond & Dillon are impossible - their optimistic speeches spell disaster.

It seems to

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me that if you play the Parliamentary game for Ireland's cause you must accept the consequences - One of those consequences surely is to alienate the Sympathies of the English, Scots or Welsh friend of Ireland. Yet the Irish party in the House during the last Sessions have lost many friends - the latest to declare against them is Sir A. Thomas the leader of the Welsh Liberals. He says he will cease to fight for Irish Home Rule because the Irish Party jointed the Govt. in to coercing

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[in a second hand in pencil: UCD L 10]

Wales on the Education Act. Surely it was no part of Ireland's Cause to oppose the feelings of the Welsh people on a matter vitally affecting them, and in no way concerning Irish affairs. If Irish national life is to be of less concern to our Parliamentary representation than the claims of English or Welsh Catholics - then it is goodbye to all hope of Home Rule. We have no right to sacrifice one friend in Parliament as long as we proclaim our trust in Parliamentary action and send our fighting strength

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