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19 Octr 95

Dear Sir

I am much obliged by your gift
of your Three Poems, which I
have read carefully.

Assuming that you, like myself,
like honest criticism, I venture
to submit the following margination:

A.3. Lead [fergaibh fer] 'with men's angers'?
[confoefet] 'they will sleep together'

A.13. is not [?o?ig] nom [sg]?

A.16. Lead [frisin] (the s belonging to the article, not to the prep.n)

A.27. ĕn 'water' is the word here - not én 'bird'
.\. tears
"water with strong cries over the eyes of noble
hosts". The [g lo? ator] seems quite right

B.3. fodbrond for odbrond dat. of odbrann
'ankle' not 'heel' (sál)

B.14. is not Abhan a place-name?

B.16. [athnarcfid] [will] [Zebizid]?

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