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you and they injoy as I wish you may alway perfect good, it gives
me a vast Dale of trouble, to find them too young lady that wan to
learn, can have now advantage if it cou’d be permit’d them to have
any body to teach, them any thing you thought wou’d be hereafter an
advange to the house, dont spear any expence youlle be best judge
in that and ever thing else in there regards they are happy to have
a person of your good sense to direct them, and can with truth
say you are under God the chief support of this good work, which I flatter
my self you will see prosper far beyond what wan
has a right to expect in such a country as this
I am my Dear Miss your most affctn
friend Nano Nagle

{Vertical text}
Madmoiselle Fitzsimons
au monastere des dames Ursulines
rue St. Jacques
post paid [?] Paris

we have got her back again: and if Miss smith is not enter’d into any other
convent, Mr Moylan think he will prevail on her to come, here I
sincerely wish he may. I beg youlle be so good as to present my
compliments, to the superior your mistress and your former wan who
I love and reverence, and Mr Fitzsimons my best wish’s attend
the young ladies, all the family of Barry Court are in perfect
healths, and Miss Nagle family are also very well I hope

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