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Letter from Roger Casement (The Savoy, Denham, Bucks., England) to [Robert] Donovan, concerning the prosecution of Alderman Cole, 'for having his name on his cart in Irish'.

p. 2-3

[p. 2:]

irritating prosecutions to show that we have some acts of Parliament in Irish?

I enclose you an article I wrote some months ago - in March last on this very subject - and I think a few extracts from that

[p. 3:]

article, [a pro po?] Alderman Cole's prosecution, published in The "Freeman" might be both interesting and useful.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Casement

P.S. I forgot your private address on North Circular

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Letter from Roger Casement (The Savoy, Denham) to [Robert] Donovan, discussing redistribution and Ireland; Ulster Unionist representation; the optimism of Redmond and Dillon; Irish representatives and the English Education Act; and the Liberals.

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The Savoy, Denham 20 Sept 1905

Dear Mr Donovan,

Thanks for your letter, I am glad the article is appearing in "Freeman" allright.

Enclosed is the Extract from Herbert Samuel's book dealing with Retribution and Ireland - you will see the ..... it - especially when Mr Harry Perth

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[Letter from Roger Casement (Ballycastle, Antrim) to [Robert] Donovan, discussing plans for a Press Agency; Irish MPs and Home Rule; an article in the 'Freeman's Journal' on King Leopold's policy in Congo; anti-enlisting; anti-jurying; Irish trade and cus

p. 1

p. 1


Ballycastle, Antrim 28 January 1906

Dear Mr. Donovan,

Many thanks for your letter. I was away from Belfast when it came, taking Miss Alice Milligan, of the Gaelic League, on a lecture tour all round the Antrim Glens.

Mr. Hobson tells me he will not go to Dublin until my suggestion has got a bit further on the way. I fully appreciate your advice and am now

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p. 2-3

p. 2-3

[p. 2:]

seeking the right intermediary to lay the matter before the "Freeman" directorate. I could not do so myself for I know no one connected with the Journal save myself and Mr Bradin.

Moreover, as an ex-official of the Crown my interest might be doubted by those who do not know me personally or how strong my Nationalist feeling has always been.

I thought of putting the scheme forward thro' Stephen Gwynn for whose ability I have great regard: but I am told that


there might be a better advocate found. Then I mentioned the ...., yesterday, to Francis J. Bigger of Belfast (who was once acquainted with Mr Sexton) and he is entirely of my opinion as to its value.

Mr Bigger - fresh from the triumph of West Belfast! will be lecturing at Maynooth towards the end of February, and he will then seek an oppertunity of laying the plan of this Press Agency before Mr Sexton.

Meantime I am drafting my conception of the scheme

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p. 4

p. 4

Somewhat [.....?] clearly them in my letter to you - and this I shall send on to you for transmission to {Mr. Riordan?] gl?. Mrs. green thinks Mr. Riordan would be a good man to take up and [....?] the idea. I have not the pleasure of knowing him but you, doubtless, are a friend, and you could send my letter on to him in Cork.

I think the idea should not be communicated to too many people -for it might

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[Letter from Roderic O'Connor (Box 5, North Bay, Ontario) to [Professor P. F.] Purcell, apologising for not having seen him on visit to Dublin. Describes his work with the Canadian Pacific Railway and the construction work on the line.]

p. 1-2

p. 1-2

[p. 1]

UCD L. IS Box 5 North Bay, Ontario 15.4.1911

Dear [Fr] Purcell. I am sorry I did not see you before I left Dublin but I called at the school three times only to find you out. I am [fixed up] here. (36 hours West of St John's) in a small town 9.000 pop - junction of two Railway systems, and centre for the Mining

[p. 2]

districts of Cobalt and Porcupine.

I have an appt in C.P.R under Eng.r [?] of District No 1 of Lake Superior Div.n and am doing office work at present but will go on survey party in a few weeks time and be out all summer - Living in a sleeping [Car].

The "Track" of C.P.R. would astonish you. The best that can be said for it is that it resembles the curates egg. I was out surveying on Tuesday and found a fishplate with every bolt loose. The [Sharpen screw] was [?] held together by the ballast. And in cuves of Sidings rails seem always put on in straight lengths. I hope I don't frighten you off coming here this summer. Not withstanding all these facts, 60 miles is not

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p. 3-4

p. 3-4

uncommon. My hours at present are 8.30 to 6. with one hour for lunch. We work full day on Sat. - Worked Good Friday & I am leaving here with Pat Gorman (Italian!) on the night of Easter Sunday to get on measuring up a bridge 70 miles out on Easter Monday.

Will you give Gaffney freres my regards. If they are thinking of Canada I will be glad to give any information I can.

There is one fact about Canada - it is not a house of Rest.

There is some difference in Railway work here - Curves are calculated by the number of degrees subtended by 100.0 chord - i.e. 1 degree curve is one of which 100' Chord subtends 1 degree. There is no signal arrangement or interlocking and the cross-over roads are [cut] different to ours at home.

I hope I will be able to see you if you come to Canada - North Bay is my headquarters - a new town where we have to call to P.O. for our "mail". I would like to hear if you are coming. I probably could see you if I have time. I struck an old Mary's fellow in Montreal where I stayed 3 weeks. - Frank Lahiff - the steady fellow. I have a note from him today - He is going Winnipeg.

With [] regard Yours sincerely, Roderic Fenner

I am very well satisfied with my job. I have the equivalent of 160 pounds per annum & good prospects. [RC]

{Stamp} University College Dublin Library.

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[Letter from John O'Donovan (Gorey) to Eugene O'Curry (32 Bayview Avenue, Dublin), referring to ordnance surveys of the counties of Limerick and Tipperary; domestic and health issues; and the Orange Lodge in the tower of the Castle at Ferns, run by Willia

p. 2

p. 2

of the towers of the castle, which he repaired for the purpose! Is it not extraordinary how the descendants of Heber all became anti-Irish when they get rich!

Please to write to me and let me know how the young lads are getting on especially poor Johnny. I know there is no fear of Eugene or the ladies as long as they have you to be bringing them out to the hill of Howth and to Ringstown. Is John O'Sullivan getting on with his Latin? Is there any new account of Sir Gay Olb? ghothack? or any probability of the letter against him appearing? Is Mr. Todd getting any other MS. for you to copy ?

Our house and furniture here are seized upon by the sheriff but we shall move to Ferns to-morrow, if he will allow us, and I suppose he must. We shall remain in the poor city of Mogue for seven days, after which we move to Enniscorthy, where we may remain another week or longer if they have good meat there. The writing of the names and letters will come very heavy on me, but it cannot be helped as they wont do things properly.

I have a letter from an old friend asking me to go with him to the back settlements of America. What answer should I send him ?

Your affectionate friend

John O'Donovan

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[Letter from Whitley Stokes (15 Grenville Place, S. W.) to an unidentified recipient, acknowledging a gift of 'your Three Poems' and advancing comments. Hopes Father Hogan has recovered from the accident.]

Untitled Page 1

Untitled Page 1

19 Octr 95

Dear Sir

I am much obliged by your gift of your Three Poems, which I have read carefully.

Assuming that you, like myself, like honest criticism, I venture to [ ] the following [ ]:

A.3. Lead [fergaibh fer] 'with men's angers'? [confoefet] 'they will sleep together'

A.13. is not [?o?ig] nom [sg]?

A.16. Lead [frisin] (the s belonging to the article, not to the prep.n)

A.27. ĕn 'water' is the word here - not én 'bird' .\. tears "water with strong cries over the eyes of noble hosts". The [g lo? ator] seems quite right

B.3. fodbrond for odbrond dat. of odbrann 'ankle' not 'heel' (sál)

B.14. is not Abhan a place-name?

B.16. [athnarcfid] [will] [Zebizid]?

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