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trary, quite conclusively, that science has always
been at heart Realistic, and always must be
so; and upon comparing his writings with
mine, one it is easily seen that these features of
nominalism which I pointed out in science
are merely superficial and transient.

The heart of the dispute lies in this.
All The modern philosophers , --one and all,
unless Schelling be an exception,--
recognize but one mode of being, the being of an individual thing or fact,
the being which consists in the object's
force crowding its way into out a place for itself in the universe,
so to speak, and reacting by brute force
of fact, against all other things. I call that

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Jeffrey Downard

It is a bit surprising to find Kant's name in the list of modern philosophers who recognize only one mode of being--that of brute force of actual fact. After all, in the Harvard Lectures of 1903, Peirce characterizes Kant as one of those philosophers who recognize the reality of all three categories--firsts, seconds and thirds.