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Miscellaneous Observations

12 Nov. 1865

What is a real definition? A definition of a word whose essence lies in its denotation.

12 Nov. 1865

There are three forms of question

1 Are quadrupeds animals?

2 Are there quadruped animals?

3 Are quadruped animals either quadruped or animal?

The affirmative answers will be

To 1. Universal Affirmative. Yes. Quadrupeds are animals.

To 2. Particular Affirmative. Yes. Quadruped animals exist.

To 3. Universal Negative. Yes. There is no animal quadruped.

Nov. 14

There is no difference logically between hypotheticals & ...
The subject is a sign of the predicate, the antecedent of the consequent, and this is the only point that concerns logic.

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