which the whole of a discussion relates, the
universe of discourse.

The system of expression which I have
thus begun to describe will be found to be a
system of diagrams. The mathematicians call
a diagram that is composed mainly of spots
of different kinds and lines, a graph. This system is called a
system of existential graphs. In this system,
the spots are may be conveniently differentiated from one another
by words written in them. The consequence is
that a sign of this system is party drawn
and partly written. For brevity, I always say
it is scribed. Any sign conforming to the
rules of this system which, if it were
written placed on the board or sheet of assertion, would assert
some intelligible state of things to be
true of the universe of discourse, is
called a graph. Strictly, I ought to say
an existential graph; but for brevity

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My guess is that the contents of the next (unnumbered by Peirce) page is to be inserted where the (illegible) bracketed note is after line 2 of this page. The page numbered 5 by Peirce follows immediately from the last line of this page (4).