1908 Oct 28

to x one mean the same thing. If therefore, I were to put "relation"
into the subject at all, I ought in consistency to put it in infinitely many
times, and indeed I ought this would not be sufficient. It is like a continuous
line: not matter what one cuts off from it a line remains. So I do not
attempt to regard "A is B" as meaning "A is identical with something that
is B..." I call "is in relation to" and "is identical with" Continuous
Relations, and I leave such in the Predicate. The Predicate is that
part of the assertion which sign is is signified as the logical connection
between the Subjects. But I sometimes term the whole set of Subjects
the Subject-System.

The two classical German philosophers Johann Friedrich Herbart
(1776-1841) and Gerg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), both
remarkably original minds, were as opposite in their qualities of

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