1908 Oct 28

Chapter I. Common Ground

There are some points upon concerning which you and I are
thoroughly agreed at the very outset. For instance, being
a reader of what I am writing, you will agree that you know the English language,
in good measure at least at least tolerably. This I am positively sure you cannot deny it--or at any rate, not in English;--there is as good deal much more, that it will
be reasonable to assume that you assent to; such as that you know the rudiments
of grammar,--meaning, of course, Aryan grammar, and that
you have all the leading attributes of a human being,
and have had an experience of life similar, in a general way to mine.
And what is more, you know that it is so, and I know that you know it; and
you know that I know that you know it, and vice versa.
This, with much information about nature and society,
will afford us an amply sufficient ποῦ στῶ, to act upon
each other's opinions.

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