Untranscribed 1862




3 wrote to Bro Lyls and
received a letter from home
the first since I left visited
the Rev Mr Heath at his boarding
house in Williamsport went to
the guard house saw the six
Rebels taken by Russells Cavalry
visited the other wing of the Reg
had two of the drummer boys in
my tent at night learning them
to Read sent a letter home by
Bro Clark Gibson wrote to John
a christie of wilmington Del

Tuesday 4th
wrote to Bro Lane (Dane)
visited the left wing of the Reg
made arangement for
holding prayr meeting on
thursday night in our camp
visited Andru Smith Think
he will die soon am in
good health except some
cold in my head read
the Scriptur no test
for news papers except
the Methodist or advocate

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The newspaper may be the United Methodist Advocate.