Untranscribed 1862




Wenesday 3 Spent from
1/4(?) past 9 ock this morning
until most three in
the service field the
entire brigade was
out and made a fin
appearence it extended
at least one mile it
was inspected by the
field and staff officers
I had the post of one
of the staff my position
being between the Line
Col and the adjutant
and thus we pased
th(r)ough inspecting very
nicely? the general at
the head when I arrived
at the tent I found
the chaplin of the first
Reg was there he took
dinner with me
I received to night a lettre
from Bro quigly and
one from G?. E. Cartre and
a short note from home
Mrs Cartre is better
Thank god for his goodness

Notes and Questions

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Sorry I really had a difficult time with this page - looks like he used pencil and it is particularly hard to read.


I added some more transcription. I agree with Tracy. This is a very difficult page.


I think I got some of this figured out. Not sure of "pased through inspecting very ?"


follow up on Quigly, another well known name from Port Deposit.