Untranscribed 1862


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Untranscribed 1862


THE objects of this work are: 1. To furnish our pastors with a book embracing the conveniences of a Pocket Diary and Visiting Book in one volume. 2. To arrange it so that it may answer their purpose two years if necessary. Hence we have omitted the unit in the figures representing the year except in the calendar. Those who wish to use the book more than one year can do so by pasting in a new calendar. We have also omitted the letters from the Diary indicating the day of the week, for the same reason. 3. This plan saves the publishers the expense of getting up a new set of plates every year, (which the sales would not justify,) and the loss which often accrues from printing an overstock. This form, except the calendar, will be good for any year until 1870, unless some intervening General Conference should adopt a new order, requiring an alteration in the pages relating to the Book Concern or the Annual Reports. 4. Another object is to place in the pockets of preachers the information which they need in acting as agents for books and periodicals, and the benevolent societies of the Church.

It is not prosumed that the book will please every one. Some will regret that we did not insert this, and others that we omitted that. But it must be remembered that the work is designed to be carried in the pocket always and everywhere, and if made to embrace too much it would be too large, or so huddled as not fully to answer the purpose contemplated.

The blanks left for an index can be filled so as readily to find and memorandum that may be made.
Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1860, by CARLTON&PORTER, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

Untranscribed 1862