Untranscribed 1862


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Untranscribed 1862



Letters not exceeding half an ounce in weight, to any part of the United States, not over 3,000 miles, three cents. If over 3,000 miles, ten cents. (California and Oregon, ten cents.) Letters weighing over half an ounce, and not over one ounce, double these rates. Must be prepaid in all cases.

Drop Letters, one cent. May be prepaid or not.

Advertised Letters, once cent, in addition to the regular rate.

Valuable Letters may be registered by application at the office mailing, and the payment of a registration fee of five cents.

To Canada and other British North American Provinces, when not over 3,000 miles, ten cents for each half ounce. When over 3,000 miles, fifteen cents. Prepayment optional.

To Great Britain or Ireland, twenty-four cents; but if sent to or from California or Oregon, twenty-nine cents. Prepayment optional.

To France, fifteen cents for each quarter ounce. prepayment optional.

Letters to other Foreign Countries vary in rate according to the route by which they are sent, and the proper information can be obtained of any postmaster in the United States.

Newspapers, Periodicals, Unsealed Circulars, or other articles of printed matter, (except books,) when sent to any part of the United States, and weighing not over three ounces, one cent, and for every additional ounce, or part thereof, one cent. If within the State, and not weighing one and half ounces, half a cent.

Weekly Newspapers (one copy only) sent to actual subscribers within the county where printed and published, free.

Books, bound or unbound, not weighing over four pounds, for any distance under 3,000 miles, one cent per ounce; over 3,000 miles, two cents per ounce. The above must be prepaid.

Daguerreotypes will be charged with the letter postage by weight.

No Package will be forwarded (except books) which weighs over three pounds.

Untranscribed 1862