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in the forenoon for two hours
the after noon Bro Wilson was sick

Oct 23 Bro Wilson was still sick and
I rote a letter to Robert H. Despain home.

Oct 24 Bro Wilson sick yet

Oct 25 Bro Wilson on the sick list yet

Oct 26 was still wating for a companian

Oct 27 I took a walk about the town

Oct 28 Sunday went on a walk with
Bro Wilson out on the rail road out of town

Oct 29 Bro Wilson still sick

Oct 30 went to the laundry waiting for a
new partner Bro P. M. Baird from

Oct 31 Brigham City Boxelder Co Utah is
my partner at present. Was out this four
noon. It rained this after noon and distributed tracts.

Nov 1 Bro Biard and my self went tracting.

Nov 2 out tracting in the four noon

Nov 3 was Saturday and I wrote one letter
home and one to Alvin A. Despain

Nov 4 Sunday I rite one letter to
J. L. Fadlock and one home
directed to Miss Edna S. Despain

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