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in the foresoon for two hours
the after noon Bro Wilson was sick
oct 23 Bro Wilson was still sick and
I rote a letter to Robert[?] H. Despain home
Oct 24 Bro Wilson sick yet
Oct 25 Bro Wilsonon on the sick list yet
Oct 26 was still wating for a companian
Oct 27 I took a walk about the town
Oct 28 sunday went on a walk with
Bro Wilson out on the rail road out of town
Oct 29 Bro Wilson still sick
Oct 30 went to the [?] waiting for a
new [?] Bro [?], [?], from
Oct 31 Brigham City borelder Co [?]is
my [?] at [?] was out this [?]
noon it rained this after noon and distributed [?]
Nov 1 Bro Biard and my self went tracking
Nov 2 out tracking in the [?] noon
Nov3 was saturday 0and wrote one letter
home and one to [?]. ct. Despain
Nov4 Sunday nite one letter to
J. S. [?] and one home
[?] to [?]. [?]. S. Despain

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