River at 10 pm at [Glasseo?].

Oct 14th Reach Chicaga at nine and five am went to Lincon Park and looked at the animals and the fine walks and then got supper and then went to meeting then going to our hotell Grace.

Oct 15 got breakfast at nine 30 went to the mission office at 10:30 am and from there to the Continantal Clothing store and got our over coats and umberaler went back to the mission house and got our appointments which was to the Southern Illinois Confrence at 8 o'clock we attended an out door meeting

Oct 16th visited the Montgeomry Ward Co Building went up in the tower 25 stories high where we could see all over the city only for thi smoke we could see out on the Lake of Michigan

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as far us the eye could see from there to the public liberry we visited the said to the largest store in the world called the Fair Store it imployes about 1,000 thousand clerks. Got diner and then went to the stock yards and the slaughter pens of Chicago and packing houses where they make their tin cans and pack there meets from there to the Picture Gallery and a group of 18 elders taken in one group. We had a ride on the elivated car line back to hotel.

Oct 17th visited the art hall where there was same very old relics said to be as far back as to Abrahams day some mumies.

Oct 18th Left Chicago for St Louis reached Linclon at 2 pm where Mr Bryan was recieving a reception by several bands

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of music. Reached Springfield the Capital of Illinois at 2145 pm reached St Louis at about. 7 o'clock pm the president of the southern llinois mission was not at the office but one of his counclors Elder E. G. Dalrymple was there and told us to stay there till morning and then tasked Elder W. J. Despain go to East St. Louis Ill and Elder A. W. Thomson to stay in St. Louis Mo. till Bro William L. Wait came back Oct 19 went to the stock yard of East St. Louis.

Oct 20th went to the Merimac River with Bros William J. Nelson and William C. Wilson to perform the ordinance of baptism by Bro W. J. Nelson a sister by the name of Maggee Declue was baptised.

Oct 21 Bro Wilson called on one family and had a friendly chat with and they asked us to come again.

Oct 22 Bro Wilson and I went distributing tracts.

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in the forenoon for two hours the after noon Bro Wilson was sick

Oct 23 Bro Wilson was still sick and I rote a letter to Robert H. Despain home.

Oct 24 Bro Wilson sick yet

Oct 25 Bro Wilson on the sick list yet

Oct 26 was still wating for a companian

Oct 27 I took a walk about the town

Oct 28 Sunday went on a walk with Bro Wilson out on the rail road out of town

Oct 29 Bro Wilson still sick

Oct 30 went to the laundry waiting for a new partner Bro P. M. Baird from

Oct 31 Brigham City Boxelder Co Utah is my partner at present. Was out this four noon. It rained this after noon and distributed tracts.

Nov 1 Bro Biard and my self went tracting.

Nov 2 out tracting in the four noon

Nov 3 was Saturday and I wrote one letter home and one to Alvin A. Despain

Nov 4 Sunday I rite one letter to J. L. Fadlock and one home directed to Miss Edna S. Despain

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Nov 6th 1900 it was Election Day and I recieved two letters from home and answered them one to Robert H. Despain and one to my wife and Children

Nov 7th went and visited 11 familys

Nov 8th visited eight familys. Recieved a card from S.A.D. Reynolds and answered the same.

Nov 9th Stayed at room all day.

Nov 10th stayed at home all day.

Nov 11th went over the river on steam boat and walk back on the bridge with Elder Nelson.

Nov 12th out tracts with Elder Baid for one hour.

Nov 13th out distributing tracts for one hour.

Nov 14th recieved a letter from home and answered it in the forenoon. The afternoon went out tracting for two hours. President Elder Weight made us a visit.

Nov 15th was out tracting with Bro James W. Nelson for two hours.

Nov 16th it was raining with sleet. Got a letter it from Robert H. Despain and answered.

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