To Julian Bond from Eric Mount, 28 Sept 1968, with Bond's draft response





September 28, 1968

The Honorable Julian Bond 162 Eurahlee Stree, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Bond:

We at Centre feel very fortunate to have had you on campus in the midst of your hectic schedule. There have been many expressions of appreciation for your visit, and you generated a lot of discussion and debate. It was a personal pleasure for me to have the chance to get to know you, and I wish you well in your continuing labors in Georgia.

The picture you sent us for publicity purposes in enclosed, and I have included the issue of the school paper which came out the weekend after your address here.


[Signed] Eric Mount

Eric Mount

Assistant Dean


[In red pen]Thanks. What was the name and address of the lady who thought she was related to me.

[The following is the marginal content of the letterhead.] CENTRE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY DANVILLE, KENTUCKY Inner circle: [image:] Three pillars or possibly telescopes, the furthest right telescope pointed at the sun, which is barely cresting into the top-middle of the image. Under the three telescopes, from left to right, are the words: Literae, Melicio, Scientir (?). Below them: Doctrina lux mentis. Outer circle: THE CENTRE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY 1819.

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