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people and we hope sometime to have a
visit from them in our Wyoming home.

My interesting and long time friend
Mr. Angell -- not the wife of President Angell -
(whose daughter is the wife of Prof. Warthen of
Ann Arbor who is coming to be reckoned
as a moral force in & out of the University
have just gone to Europe.) writes often,
long & interesting letters. She is one of the
old time scholarly women and helps to keep
me in touch with much that I value & the
longer I live the more I value my friends.
And just here before I forget please tell
me if you know anything of the family of
the Professor in whose school you taught
mathematics & have lost sight of his wife
and family. I cannot recall his name
& I do not like to lose out any of
my old friends.

I am much gratified by the reports
of the Budapest meetings by Miss Shaw
& Mrs Catt. I regret that the anti suffragists
are so bitter and so opposed to what seems

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