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January 1, 1922, Sunday

I intended going to Immanuel
(American) Church to Sunday
school this morning, but had so
many jobs to do that eight o'clock
came before I was aware of it. Af-
ter [After] Miss Chapman and Miss
Walden had gone to early commu-
nion [communion] at the Church of England
Cathedral, Ma Nyein came up
and asked me to go to the Bur-
mese [Burmese] Baptist Church with her,
which I did. I had been wanting to
go for sometime but this service
comes right at breakfast time -
10:30 - so this was my first expe-
rience [experience]. Dr. Kelly preached; Mrs. Saf-
ford [Safford] presided at the organ, while
Misses Phillips and Teel and Mrs. Wiatt
and a friend were in attendance -
also Mr. Gates. The choir consisted of a-
bout [about] a dozen young men, who sang
an anthem in English. We went by
train but returned by tram, walking
thru one of the Chinese sts to reach it.

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Miss Phillips and Teel should be Misses Phillips and Teel